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Taxes are puzzling...

      Let us help you put the pieces together!

Types of Tax Services Offered

We offer three types of tax prep services. Whether you need to file this year's taxes, an extension, or you have past taxes to catch up on, Crystal Clear Tax Solutions can help you get it done! Our tax pros have experience with high complexity tax returns as well as simple filings. You can drop your taxes off or meet with a professional who will walk you through the tax prep process.

Tax Prep Options
Working on the Go
drop off taxes

Why hire a tax pro?

1. You own a business

2. You bought or sold property

3. You have a lot of investments

4. You experienced major life changes

5. You give charitable donations

6. You itemize your expenses

7. You get stuck while doing it yourself

8. Save More Money With a Tax Pro

Federal 1040

Base Form


Oregon Sch. A

Itemized Deduction

(Oregon Only)


Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Older Dependent Credit

*Does not include required Form 8867


Head of Household Filing Status

*Does not include required Form 8867


Oregon 40

Base Form


Non-Residents/Part Year $70

Schedule B



Earned Income Credit

*Does not include required Form 8867



Sch. C, E, F

Base forms for Sole Proprietor, Rental Income, & Farms

 from $130-$135 each

Federal Sch. A

Itemized Deductions


Form 2441

Child Care Credit

Dependent Care Benefits


American Opportunity Credit

College Tuition Credit

*Does not include required Form 8867


Form 8867

Required for certain credits/deductions/filing statuses




Taking a Break

Simple Return

You are single or married, but you don't claim any dependents. You're an employee and have a W-2. You don't qualify for any credits and don't itemize deductions. You may be someone's dependent. 



Happy Family

Basic Return

You are single or married. You claim your kids as dependents. You have child care expenses and you and/or your spouse are employees and have a W-2. You itemize deductions and pay student loan interest. 



Creative Meeting

Complex Return

You are single or married. You own a small business. You claim your kids on your tax return and itemize deductions. You use your vehicle for work. Your tax return costs will vary with complexity, and your return will be higher in complexity than most. Fees can range widely. You may want to come in with your documents for a quote!



Pricing Anchor

Accuracy is important to us! Many of our returns are reviewed by another tax pro in our office for quality and accuracy. You will only be contacted (within 2 business days of signature) if something needs your attention. This may require you to come back to the office, review revisions, and/or re-sign your tax returns in the event of a change due to the review. Again, our goal is to prepare accurate tax returns; this policy helps us do so.

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